About Us

The Creative Learning Collaborative is a local, worker-owned educational services company based in El Paso, Texas. With over 13 years of combined experience, our goal is to support the enthusiasm, curiosity, and unique interests of the Gifted and Talented population.

The CLC excels at designing programs tailored specifically for GT students that support their academic, social, and emotional learning. We believe that in order for students to construct lasting and impactful knowledge, they must actively participate in its creation. Because of this, our programs take a student-centered, constructivist approach to learning by having participants question, build, explore, and create through hands-on projects.

Meet the team:

Hi, I’m Jose, a member-owner of Creative Learning Collaborative. I’ve been working with students in the Gifted & Talented program for over 10 years, and I’m a state certified elementary school teacher.

As a member-owner of the CLC my goal is to ensure that all the programs we offer are affordable, accessible, and culturally responsive for the students we serve. 

I’m looking forward to this journey and helping support student learning throughout the El Paso region!

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Bustillos and I am a member/owner of the Creative Learning Collaborative. I was born and raised in El Paso, Tx and have been providing educational programs and services to the area for over 7 years now. 

I started my GT journey when I was in third grade and stuck with it throughout middle and high school with pre-AP and AP courses. Looking back, I always felt that I wanted more of a hands-on learning experience within the GT program. I have dedicated years to developing programs that better suit the curiosity and imagination of the gifted and talented population. 

I look forward to the possibility of working with you and I thank you for following along on this journey.